One of our customers had a requirement for 16 aluminum discs for the manufacturing facility. Using our raw material, Senasys Machine, formerly Cliff Industrial, was able to machine raw material into these 16-inch outside diameter discs. After the cylindrical disc manufacturing, they are resurfaced for a nice finish. See before & after pictures below.

Senasys Machine can produce parts of brass, stainless, CRS, aluminum, tellurium copper, and many others. Cliff has capabilities of multi axis milling and turning, to include Cylindrical base parts under 1.125” for large quantities using our auto feed system and larger parts over 1.125” using our manual feed system. We have the ability to deliver the small, high precision parts necessary for the manufacturing of critical components.



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Our Machining Services

Senasys Machine, formerly Cliff Industrial, has been providing machine repair to the Chippewa Valley & surrounding areas since 1980! We are locally- owned and believe in providing quality. Our recent acquisition now allows us to expand our quality services to include EDM wire machining, small part stamping and swiss precision machined parts manufacturing.

Our Capabilities

We have a 30,000 square foot facility that houses a CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, 3 CNC Screw Machines & more!

High Quality

Highly training & experience work force, with an equipped QA department insuring each part is inspected before leaving our facilities.