You know it’s not good. Your maintenance department brought the problem up to you weeks ago now its getting worse. You can’t afford the down time on shipping the part to the manufacturer for repair. Even worse if you don’t do something soon the whole machine will go down. The bearings which are designed to operate at nearly zero friction are now not moving freely. The problem is often a bad bearing or dirt in the raceway. This causes them to bind which creates groves in there raceways. Senasys Machine specializes in resurfacing and rebuilding parts to get you back up and running quickly!

When your race way goes bad this often becomes a bigger problem than just replacing a bearing and cleaning the race way. Often times this could mean complete replacement is necessary. Not when you have a shop like Senasys Machine near by. We have highly trained welders and machinists that know exactly what to do. By adding on an excess of metal through different welding processes, we are able to remove the race way track. Then we will hand the project off to the machinists. They will then take it through the resurfacing process bringing the disc and raceway back to original specs. This process is much like what your mechanic would do to your cars brake discs, but on a much grander scale.

Grooved disc with added Material    Grooved Disc   Resurfaced Disc with added material    Resurfacing Disc

We all have a bottom line. Whether you’re in purchasing and looking for the best deal on a replacement part or the maintenance head looking for parts.  We all have a job to do, the problem is it’s often on someone else’s time and budget. This means you need it right and you need it now. So you have two options, pay to have a brand new part shipped from where ever your machine is from, likely Germany or Switzerland. The part will be original, but shipping and the time are going to kill your bottom line. The other choice is throw the part in the company truck and take it down to Senasys Machine. Many problem parts can be fixed by a competent welder and a resurfacing job. So why pay to replace it when you can save by fixing it?


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Our Machining Services

Senasys Machine, formerly Cliff Industrial, has been providing machine repair to the Chippewa Valley & surrounding areas since 1980! We are locally- owned and believe in providing quality. Our recent acquisition now allows us to expand our quality services to include EDM wire machining, small part stamping and swiss precision machined parts manufacturing.

Our Capabilities

We have a 30,000 square foot facility that houses a CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, 3 CNC Screw Machines & more!

High Quality

Highly training & experience work force, with an equipped QA department insuring each part is inspected before leaving our facilities.