New CNC Lathe Increases Capacity We are excited to announce a new addition to our machining capabilities, Senasys Machine’s a new CNC Milltronics SL8 Lathe!

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At Senasys we have been seeing an increased demand for larger and more complex parts to better serve our customers within the corrugated cardboard industry and throughout the Chippewa Valley. This new lathe will be able to machine larger parts and improve on our throughput of the shop and to also shorten lead times for our customers. The new lathe will free up capacity of some of our other machines as well!

New CNC Lathe Reduce Lead Times

Senasys Machine’s new CNC Milltronics SL8 lathe has a LNS 6-foot bar loader, programmable hydraulic chuck and tail stock, and has quickly become a great addition to our shop for short productions runs (under 500) of small diameter parts, up to 3” with 20.5” of travel.

There are many reasons to select us for long and short runs. We commonly machine tool steels and other metals for clients across the entire United States. All of our machining centers insure a level of accuracy & compatibility while limiting down time.
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Our Machining Services

Senasys Machine, formerly Cliff Industrial, has been providing machine repair to the Chippewa Valley & surrounding areas since 1980! We are locally- owned and believe in providing quality. Our recent acquisition now allows us to expand our quality services to include EDM wire machining, small part stamping and swiss precision machined parts manufacturing.

Our Capabilities

We have a 30,000 square foot facility that houses a CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, 3 CNC Screw Machines & more!

High Quality

Highly training & experience work force, with an equipped QA department insuring each part is inspected before leaving our facilities.