CNC Swiss Machining

Senasys Machine, formerly Cliff Industrial provides our customers with the best CNC machining services available in the Chippewa Valley. Senasys Machine is a leader in small component part manufacturing including precision CNC swiss screw machining.   

From single prototypes to large production runs, we are set up to fulfill your small component CNC machining needs. We’re ready & available to tackle any project you may have. We have the ability to deliver the small, high precision parts necessary for the manufacturing of critical components. Senasys Machine will produce your fine parts with high accuracy & less downtime, allowing you to keep production on-track. We run a lights-out machining facility creating a fast turn around for your precision machined components.

Because of their highly precise size, shape & stress requirements, many components cannot be produced using traditional machining methods. Computer controlled, automated manufacturing techniques, including Swiss Screw Machining, are utilized to produce parts that meet the required specifications.

Most common component parts we produce are spacers, fasteners, nozzles, poppets, electronic connectors, custom hardware & precision shafts.

our capabilities

We have a 30,000 square foot facility that houses a CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, 3 CNC Screw Machines & more!

high quality

Highly training & experience work force, with an equipped QA department insuring each part is inspected before leaving our facilities.

fast turn arounds

Turn around times vary by job with most taking 1-2 weeks or less. Same day and next day options available.


We offer customers competitive pricing to keep your costs within budget.

We specialize in small component part manufacturing

CNC Swiss Machining

Screw machines (also known as swiss style or swiss type) are designed to be extremely proficient for the manufacturing of small parts and also for long, slender parts which would deflect or vibrate when turning on a lathe. They are also very fast and extremely accurate holding tight tolerances of +/-.0002” which is common in many industries. 

Senasys Machine began as assembly customer of these types of services. We’ve expanded into screw machine work and have extensive experience with these machines. These cutting edge machines allow turning, milling, and back turning operations to be completed on the same machine, finishing the part with no secondary processes necessary. Typical parts which are manufactured on screw machines are spacers, fasteners, nozzles, poppets, electronic connectors, customer hardware, and precision shafts. 

Our Capabilities

  •  We have a large selection of CNC screw machines with 3 to 10 axis configurations. 
  • Our screw machine capacities allow us to manufacture parts from 1/8” to 1 1/4″ in diameter.
  • We produce parts from materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and plastic.
  • Production volumes range from prototype to large production runs in excess of 100,000 components.

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